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UP Clinic is subordinated to Up Clinic Ltd., is an orthopedics and rehabilitation center that specializes in the evaluation and treatment of all muscle, bone, joint, and sports-related injuries. The international team of experts focuses on providing conservative and non-surgical solutions, so that patients recover faster and as pain-free as possible.


UP Clinic is home to orthopedics and rehabilitation services - all under one roof

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Knee; Shoulder; Spine Foot & Ankle;
Hand, Wrist & Elbow;
Hip Second Opinions
Fracture Casting & Brace fitting

Rehab & Physical Therapy

Back, Neck and Joint Pain Relief
Pre and Post-operative Management
Sports Injuries Treatment and Prevention
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Sports Medicine Tests & Treatment

Running and Movement Evaluations
PRP Therapy and Arthritis Treatment
Juvenile Posture and Scoliosis Assessment
Bone Health and Bone Density Check-up


Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Need surgery?

Get a second opinion from our expert team
specializing in conservative treatments


Our Team

UP Clinic currently has a world-class, international team of orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation experts, physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, TCM doctors, occupational therapists, hand specialists and sports medicine and performance specialists. All prepared to work together to provide you the high standard of care.

iFU App

iFU is an intelligent patient management platform specializing in orthopedics and rehabilitation. It currently covers more than 3,800 public hospitals and more than 20,000 orthopedics and rehabilitation doctors. iFU helps clinics reduce costs, improve efficiency, and most importantly, it improves patient outcomes.
The online system is categorized by syndrome and recognizes patient patterns. It utilizes data to evaluate what treatments are most effective for which patients.
Currently, iFU is a leading orthopedic and rehab network.


Clinic News

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