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Rehabilitation medicine is a field that bridges gaps between conventional and nonconventional medicine by administering mechanical (massage, manipulation, exercise, movement, hydrotherapy, traction) and electromagnetic (heat and cold, light, and ultrasound) modalities in psychological and pharmacological therapies. The patients seen in rehabilitation medicine include those recuperating from sports injuries, automobile and motorcycle accidents, surgeryand those with joint disease and reduced mobility.

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Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy)

Physiotherapy (also Physical Therapy) is a health care profession concerned with human function and movement and maximizing physical potential by taking advantage of physical agents like exercises, modalities, and manual treatments. It identifies and maximizes quality of life by helping people to return to work, sport, and society.

Physical therapy is based on tested medical theory and clinical research evidence. It is mainly concerned with the promotion of normal movement and biomechanics to restore each person’s normal function.

A physical therapist will:

Common physiotherapy modalities and instruments:

Common physiotherapy modalities and instruments UP Clinic Shanghai
Common physiotherapy manual techniques Up Clinic Shanghai China

Common physiotherapy manual techniques:

Assessment and Evaluation:

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Which conditions are appropriate for rehabilitation?


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Sports Injury

Joint Injuries

Joint Injuries

Pre and Post-Operation