1、护理专业大专及以上学历,有护士资格证优先; 2、能够简单的英语交流,熟练使用办公软件; 3、五官端正、口齿伶俐,有较好的职业素养; 4、踏实肯干,细致耐心,亲和力强,工作主动积极; 5、无夜班。 若您有意向应聘本职位,请发送简历至

Customer service

【Responsibilities】岗位职责 Daily reception at the front desk, including but not limited to:Registering customer information, registration, establishing cases, referral, patient guidance and fees;Telephone answering, consultation and answer, patient appointment booking, change of appointment; Use the return visit client and SMS platform, and confirm the return visit and appointment with customers on the same day and the […]


【Responsibilities】岗位职责 Responsible for patient rehabilitation assessment/physical assessment, providing patients with targeted rehabilitation guidance, and making plans and implementation;负责病患康复评估/体能评估,为客户提供有针对性的康复指导并制定方案和实施; Provide professional rehabilitation and treatment support to patients according to their needs; 根据患者的需要,为患者提供专业的康复治疗支持; Provide postoperative rehabilitation training, physical rehabilitation training, pain treatment, injury protection and other services for patients; 为患者提供术后康复训练、体能康复训练、疼痛治疗、损伤防护等服务; Responsible for follow-up and feedback of rehabilitated […]